Interior design

by Alix Barbey

It's because I renovated and decorated several houses and apartments, that I had the idea to create the Object Doctor in 2013. I like to take care of things, furniture and places.

If you like my style, you can ask my services for the layout of your home and the search for furniture and accessories (furniture, dishes, lighting, household linen, landscaping of outdoor spaces etc.).

What characterizes my interior design work:
- natural materials.
- spaces that are above all comfortable, functional and warm.
- a modular decoration: for example, I will give preference to neutral shades for the walls, and bring touches of color and a narration with objects and accessories.
- furniture and objects that “have a soul”: as many items as possible found in flea markets , mixed with a few new pieces, if necessary reworked.
- a strong sense of value for money : I know where to invest for furniture and accessories that last over time. I am used to places that are rented and heavily solicited.

You can see the last house I built / decorated on


Exemples :

- For the kitchen of La Petite Ourse : cupboards and sink by ikea, embellished by solid oak worktops and baseboards, and delicate porcelain lights. A beautiful old farm table with very solid and comfortable chairs purchased on La Redoute.

- For a bedroom in La Petite Ourse : an Ikea wicker armchair with tailored cushion covers made in Indian fabrics.

- For the living room in La Petite Ourse : two large Ikea sofas (very comfortable and excellent value for money), customized with custom cushions and sofa covers (Bemz). The plaids on the armrests have a triple function: warm, protect the armrests and brighten the whole.

- For the same price as a soulless piece of furniture covered with white plastic that will look worn and neglected after a few months, I’m going to find a nice solid wood nightstand in a flea market. I’ll sand it and wax it or paint it if I have to. With time, it will skate nicely.